Syltherm - Silicone Fluids

Syltherm silicone fluids are low-viscosity fluids which offer excellent heat transfer performance and can provide exceptionally long fluid life (often more than 10 years) without periodic reclaiming.

Syltherm fluids are essentially non-toxic (very low in acute oral toxicity), non-odour and not reportable under SARA Title III, Section 313, which makes them most suitable for use in pharmaceutical applications from -100°C to +400°C.

Syltherm fluids are engineered to provide robust thermal stability over large DTs to provide a long-life solution which is reliable and economically viable for any heating, cooling, cryogenic chilling or Single Fluid Heating & Cooling application.

Syltherm 800 is a highly stable, long lasting silicone fluid with a recommended operating temperature range of -40°C to 400°C, the broadest range of any heat transfer fluid. This product can often remain in service for 10 years or more, even when operated at the upper end of its recommended operating range.

Syltherm XLT has an operating range of -100°C to 260°C, which makes it especially well suited for single fluid process heating and cooling systems. This product is the preferred product for cryogenic cooling requirements of lyophilisation processes.

Syltherm HF is a specially formulated silicone polymer designed for use as a low temperature, liquid phase heat transfer fluid. With the same operating range of -100°C to 260°C as Syltherm XLT, this product offers a closed cup flash point of 63°C.