Dowtherm - Synthetic Organic Fluids

Dowtherm fluids are 100% synthetic organic fluids which offer exceptional thermal stability and value when used in operating ranges of -80°C to +400°C. This stability translates to maximum efficiency, longest fluid life and optimum operational economics.

Dowtherm fluids can operate the fluid as a non-pressurised or low-pressure liquid, vapour or pressurised liquid at various temperatures. These robust fluids have set the industry standard for over 60 years for their exceptional physical properties.

Dowtherm A is a eutectic mixture of Diphenyl Oxide and Biphenyl, which is the most widely used heat transfer fluid in the world. This product can be used in the liquid or vapour phases between 15°C and 400°C and has an atmospheric boiling point of 257°C.

Dowtherm RP is a liquid phase heat transfer fluid with an operating range of -20°C to 350°C. This product minimizes the risk of fouling, scaling and coking by preventing the formation of high boilers upon thermal degradation. This product is proven to be more thermally stable than partially hydrogenated terphenyl (PHT) and dibenzyl toluene (DBT) based products.

Dowtherm J can be used in the liquid phase between -80°C and 315°C and in the vapour phase between 181°C and 315°C. Using Dowtherm J in system requiring both heating and cooling can simplify the system design by eliminating the need for multiple fluids while minimizing operational problems.

Dowtherm T is a liquid phase heat transfer fluid for moderately high operating temperatures from -10°C to 288°C. It can be used to an extended bulk temperature of 305°C. This product is an economical synthetic replacement for mineral oils to improve efficiency and service life for moderate temperature requirements.

Dowtherm Q has a recommended use temperature range from -35°C to +330°C. It is far more thermally stable than mineral oils and offers substantial economic savings over the life of your thermic fluid system.