National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association Recognizes TRENCHCOAT™ Polymer Film from Dow

Post date: Apr 5, 2013 5:20:43 AM

MIDLAND, Mich. - April 04, 2013

TRENCHCOAT™ Protective Film, from The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow), has been cited in a study by the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association (NCSPA) as the best performing polymer coating product for protecting corrugated steel pipe (CSP). The polymer, which can be applied to corrugated steel pipes and structural steel plates, is designed as a two-layer adhesive film. It offers corrosion and abrasion protection, and is laminated on the inside and outside of galvanized steel for storm drain and culvert system applications.

TRENCHCOAT Protective Film provides long-term durability, structural integrity and hydraulic capacity. It was initially developed in 1974 to combine the lightweight and high strength characteristics of galvanized CSP with the chemical resistance and toughness of polymer technology. TRENCHCOAT resists delamination and bonds physically and chemically to galvanized steel.

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