Dow's Sulfoxaflor OK'd in the US

Post date: May 10, 2013 7:18:34 AM

The Dow Chemical Company 's ( DOW ) fully-owned subsidiary Dow AgroSciences LLC has received approval from the U.S. regulatory authorities to market its new insecticidal active ingredient, Sulfoxaflor, as Transform and Closer.

Sulfoxaflor registrations in the U.S. and Canada were accomplished after a Global Joint Review which also included Australia. Countries which have already registered sulfoxaflor are South Korea, Panama, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Guatemala. Australian sulfoxaflor registration is expected by third-quarter 2013. In addition to this, other global registrations are anticipated in the near future.

Sulfoxaflor falls under the Dow AgroSciences invented novel chemical class, sulfoximines. Sulfoxaflor is uniquely designed to exhibit effective control over many important sap-feeding harmful insect pests. It also holds exclusive features that make it distinct from other sap-feeding insecticides by providing an innovative new tool for farmers in the years to come.

Sulfoxaflor can be applied in a large variety of crops including cotton, soybean, citrus, pome/stone fruit, nuts, grapes, potatoes, vegetables and strawberries. Sulfoxaflor is an exemplary introduction to the Integrated Pest Management programs. The tool fits perfectly into growers' existing programs to help them protect yields in a wide variety of foods and fiber crops globally.

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